Good/Bad Page Layout

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 8.44.04 PMGood/Bad Page Layout

The first image comes from a site ( This is definitely a bad page layout because of the eyesore of the all the colors beings used. The contrast is very high which makes it very hard to look at. The penny at the top left of the page is illegible due to it being too small and the words being to worn. By just a glance, I have no idea what the page is about and I would have to read through the article to find out.

The second page is the recognizable page. Although it looks very overwhelming with all the text, it is very well organized, the page is consistent with gray, black, and white colors. The only vibrant color as to not clash with any others is red which helps articles stand out. The tables and font are very consistent. All the tables are well positioned on the page and not scattered.

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